Who Is Jerry Seinfeld’s Daughter, Sascha?

Jerry and his wife Jessica done a pretty good job of keeping their daughter from the public eye.

It’s not easy being the child of a celebrity. That’s not to say that it doesn’t come with its life-changing perks. First and foremost, the lavish lifestyle and eternal financial security blanket alleviate an insane amount of stress and pressure that the vast, vast, vast majority of the world will simply never experience. That’s about as notable as it comes. But that doesn’t mean being Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter is easy.

Like any celebrity’s child, Sascha Seinfeld no doubt has to deal with the lecherous paparazzi and news columnists dissecting every aspect of her personal life (the hypocrisy is not lost here). Additionally, there are numerous security risks that come with having money or being associated with someone as filthy rich as Jerry Seinfeld. Insurance becomes a humungous thing, as does protect every aspect of one’s personal life from those who’d take advantage. Some celebrity kids, such as Larry David’s daughter Cazzie, have to deal with the never-ending guilt of having such a leg-up in life as well as the daunting task of stepping out of their parents’ shadows, building a life of their own, or even finding who they are, to begin with. But how does Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s daughter feel about it? And who even is Sascha Seinfeld?

Sascha Opening Up Her Life To The World

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Here’s what we absolutely know about Sascha based on her Instagram account… She’s utterly popular with tons of friends. Her account is filled with photos of her adventures traveling abroad as well as exploring New York City and Durham, North Carolina.

Jerry and his wife Jessica done a pretty good job of keeping their daughter from the public eye. In fact, they did the same with their two sons. But now that Sascha is nearly 21, the young woman has begun to branch out and therefore we’ve learned a lot more about her. Part of this has to do with the fact that her Instagram account has now gone public and we’re beginning to learn the truth about her.

Sascha galivanting around New York makes a lot of sense since her father is about as ‘New York’ as it comes and she grew up there with her family. But Durham, North Carolina seems like an odd place for a child of an A-lister to be kickin’ it. Sascha spends a lot of time playing around in Durham because it is the home of her university, the utterly prestigious Duke.

Sascha’s First Boyfriend And Her Supportive Parents

But Duke isn’t the first elite school that Sascha has been to. Of course, like many rich kids, Sascha went to an exclusive all-girls private school in Manhattan, Chapin. It was during her high school experience when she started to date her first boyfriend, Jack.

Funnily enough, it was Jerry who first confirmed that his daughter was in a serious relationship with Jack when she was 17-years-old. In an interview with Us Weekly, Jerry claimed that he and his wife Jessica were completely supportive of their daughter’s relationship.

“We love him so much. Yeah. It’s a shame he’s gonna have to go,” Jerry joked to Us Weekly.

In an interview with People in 2019, Jerry said that he and Jessica have known Jack for a while. Jerry also didn’t want to be the type of dad who intimidated his daughters’ boyfriends. Instead, he wanted to embrace them.

“I really was determined not to be those dads. I hated those dads when I was a kid dating and you would go to a girl’s house and the father would be so mean and I don’t want to be that guy. You feel those feelings. You feel possessive and protective but I refuse to be one of those disapproving dads.”

While Sascha no-doubt had a positive relationship with Jack, the two have not been featured in a photo together since July 2019, before Sascha went off to university. Given that there are still photos of him on her Instagram, it doesn’t appear that things ended badly. Instead, they’ve just gone in different directions with their lives. Now, Sascha has met a host of new people, including new boys, at her university. And she doesn’t seem to have any trouble posting photos of her consuming booze (despite being under 21) at college parties… So, in that way, she’s like literally every other university student before the age of 21.

The Charmed Life With Her Parents

There have been a number of extravagances in Sascha Seinfeld’s life, but that’s really no surprise. This includes her star-studded Bat Mitzvah which hosted the likes of Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa with gifts sent from Howard Stern and Jerry’s sitcom colleague, Larry David.

There’s also all the insane vacations she’s been on with her family, the set tours her father has given her, and the chance to hang out with a number of major celebrities. Although, according to one of Sascha’s recent Instagram captions, she still isn’t entirely sure how to speak with them… or any adult for that matter. But that means nothing when you have parents as supportive as Jerry and Jessica, both of whom Sascha is close with.

The only thing that’s come between Jerry and Sascha is her love of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“The one time I really, really got upset was when my daughter was watching the Kardashians on her phone in her bed and I could not take that scene,” Jerry said in an interview. “I’m offended by reality television on many levels and that show of course is the premier example of reality television. These people are not doing anything interesting. I lost my temper with that one.”

Despite this minor hiccup, it’s clear that Sascha is extremely close with her famous dad and that this will no doubt help propel her into an even brighter future.

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