Anthony Hopkins’ $4.9M California Home Was Left Completely Untouched By The Latest Wildfires

The Malibu mansion that is worth $4.9 million, and belongs to Anthony Hopkins, was left completely untouched during the California wildfires.

The Malibu mansion that is worth $4.9 million, and belongs to Anthony Hopkins, was surprisingly left completely untouched during the California wildfire. The fires managed to completely burn down all of the surrounding homes.

Some surprising aerial photos have surfaced, that show Hopkins’ four-floor red-and-white brick home, being completely intact in the sunlight, while also being surrounded by acres of charred debris, on the Santa Monica Bay, in Point Dume.

While all of the neighbors’ homes were utterly incinerated, even the front garden of the Welsh actor’s mansion was left completely flawless, to the point where there are even two sunbeds that can be seen on the lawn in front of the door in the photo.

Meanwhile, aside from this surprising fact, the rescuers have been desperately trying to find any survivors from the wildfires in both the northern and the southern parts of California. The current ɗᥱαꚍɧ toll has soared to around 63, with at least 631 people still being reported as missing.

Anthony Hopkins' Malibu mansion miraculously untouched by California  wildfire as neighbor's home is destroyed | Fox News

Additionally, plenty of charities, foundations, and even celebrities have been helping and donating, trying to give any aid that they can, to the people in need that have survived the disaster. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, and Kim Basinger were some of the hundreds of people that were affected by the wildfires. Furthermore, the movie star Kim Basinger was left completely bewildered after her entire home went down in the blazes that have been sweeping across California. People like Caitlyn Jenner, Will Smith, and Lady Gaga were also some of the people among the ones who were made to flee their homes as the walls of the houses started falling down due to all of the heat from the flames. Almost 12,000 houses and buildings were completely ruined when the fire broke out last week, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. This has been one of the worst and ɗᥱαɗliest recorded wildfires in the history of California with a total of 7,579 fires burning an area of 1,667,855 acres. There have been countless foundations asking for donations to help the people who are in need, and even ones who have been asking people to donate their time, by signing up as volunteers, at least temporarily.

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