20 Things Fans Don’t Know About Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam’s Private Life

He might be tough on the outside but on the inside he's a real teddy bear.

If you were a follower of the FX popular drama Sons of Anarchy, you know exactly who actor Charlie Hunnam is. Hunnam played Jax Teller, the hard-headed main character of the show that you just can’t help but fall in love with. And not just because he’s so easy on the eyes, but because of his kind heart and ride-or-ɗ𝔦ᥱ family values. Like most fans (SPOILER ALERT AHEAD), while I thought the ending of the series was perfect, I was still sad to see them ƙ𝔦ℓℓ off Jax’s character (you know, if he really IS ɗᥱαɗ?? That’s another story though).

Most people will be surprised to know Charlie is British and has the perfect American accent, but what else don’t people know about this enigmatic man who gave us some of the best television we’ve ever seen? Here are 20 things we never knew about Charlie Hunnam’s personal life.

20 His Dad Was An Outlaw Of Sorts

We all know that Jax is part of a motorcycle gang, but did you know that Charlie himself has close ties with the outlaw world? That’s right, his own father, according to Hunnam, “made his money outside of the law,” he once said. “So I was very aware of the outlaw mentality. He’s very kind of feared and respected in equal parts.”

19 He Might Be Hard Looking, But He’s A Real Kitten

Jax Teller had ruined most people since no other man could ever measure up to him – well, maybe actually Charlie Hunnam can. Sure, he had a hard life growing up and has run into some roadblocks in his career, but that hasn’t hardened him. He’s actually a soft sweetie who, hark! prefers kittens over puppies according to Buzzfeed.

18 He Became An Actor By Being Drunk In A Shoe Store

Charlie has a unique story about how he was “discovered” by Hollywood. According to Hunnam, he went Christmas shopping while somewhat intoxicated, and when he went into a shoe store to buy a gift for his brother, he blew a drunken kiss to a woman who turned out to be a production manager on a show called Byker Grove.

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17 Charlie Grew Up Poor

Turns out that the Hunnam family wasn’t swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style when Charlie was young. So, as a result, Charlie was obsessed with buying expensive sneakers when he became famous in order to compensate for growing up with so very little. He later realized that his obsession was ridiculous and gave it up.

16 He Stole Things From The Sons Of Anarchy Set

We CONSTANTLY hear how actors and actresses from famous movies and/or television shows have had a five-finger-discount when it comes to certain items on the set of whatever they’re starring in. Heck, the cast of Game of Thrones did it all the time. Charlie apparently did the same thing with the clothing on Sons of Anarchy.

15 He Lives On A Ranch

When most people hear about (or thinking about ranches) in general, they picture a house on a large portion of land in, say, Montana. But Charlie was living in his own ranch paradise right outside of Los Angeles. Recently, he decided to get new digs in LA with a gorgeous Mediterranian style house.

14 Girlfriend?

Charlie has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Morgana McNelis for going on 14 years now and he just FINALLY agreed to marry her only a few days ago. He’s always said that he was indifferent to marriage, but he’ll walk down the aisle for her because he loves her. Morgana is actually a jewelry designer and not in the Hollywood game.

13 He’s A Real-Life Hero

So Jax Teller isn’t the only hero in Charlie’s world – HE happens to be one himself. While normal people tend to run in the other direction when facing danger, Charlie heads right for it. When he went on Conan, he spoke about confronting TWO burglars in his lifetime who tried to break into his house. The man knows how to defend what’s his.

12 Fans Ask Him For The Weirdest Stuff

You’ve got to admit, some fans ask for the strangest things from celebrities, and Charlie is no different. One mega-fan sent him a letter once asking him for a simple toenail clipping (um, gross), and then changed her mind and asked for a certain hair from a certain place on his body. That was a little too fetishistic for Charlie.

11 Thor And What Could’ve Been

I’m sure you’ve heard of Charlie turning down the role of Christian Grey in the wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, but did you know he was also up for an even BIGGER role? That’s right, Hunnam auditioned for the lead in Thor, but, as history will tell us, the part ended up going to Chris Hemsworth.

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10 Jason Segel Wrote This Specific Character For Hunnam

When you watch the hit comedy movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you really can’t see anyone other than Russell Brand in the role of the eccentric Aldous Snow, the man who steals Sarah (Kristen Bell) away from her boyfriend (Jason Segel), but the part was actually written FOR Charlie. Hunnam thought he couldn’t fill the character’s shoes properly so in comes Brand.

When He’s Drunk, It’s Mexican Food For Him

Everyone has their favorite go-to food whenever they’re a bit intoxicated. Charlie is the same, but it switches up depending on what exactly he’s drinking. “If I’m drinking red wine then I love a bowl of pasta,” he said. “And if I’m drinking spirits I usually end up in a Mexican restaurant.” Ditto to that, Charlie!

Marrying At (Almost) First Sight

Did you know that while Charlie is in a very committed relationship with his now fiancée, he was actually married for a brief moment in time? That’s right, the SOA star met his ex-wife Katherine Towne during an audition for Dawson’s Creek and got married AFTER ONLY THREE WEEKS. They ended up divorcing in 2002.

Dyslexia Doesn’t Hold Him Back

Some people will be shocked to know that a lot of their favorite celebrities often struggle with some sort of learning disability, and Charlie is no different. He actually has dyslexia, but you probably won’t hear him talk about it too much since it’s not something that holds him back in his personal and professional life.

He Never Wants To Be A King

Even though he played King Arthur in the movie by the same name, never ask him to don a crown. He wouldn’t even think about it. “You know what?” he said when asked. “I wouldn’t. I would call up (director of King Arthur) Guy Ritchie and say, “Listen I’m feeling ill today. Would you fill in?” There’s nothing about being king I would like.”

He Set The Tone For King Arthur By…Laughing?

Speaking of King Arthur, Charlie said that the hardest part about working on the film had to be that Ritchie and he would crack up at everything. “Guy and I just decided, listen, if we’re having fun together and making each other laugh then this is going to be the right tone for the film, and hopefully the audience will laugh a little bit too.”

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He’s A Mean Break Dancer

Everyone has a hidden talent, and Charlie’s happens to be extremely cool: “I used to be able to do that breakdancing move where you would, like, hold one leg and jump through, you know, without breaking contact. I haven’t tried it for a while.” That’s not a talent that everyone can brag that they have, so that certainly is something.

Charlie Hates Entitled Drivers

NO ONE likes obnoxious drivers who think they are god’s gift to the road and can do whatever they want. And it’s clearly Charlie’s biggest pet peeve. “People who are not equipped to drive and yet feel entitled to be behind the wheel of a car,” he said when asked what his biggest pet peeve was. Those drivers can be dangerous, we agree.

He Finds Himself Boring

We’ve gotta wonder: what on EARTH would make us believe that a man like Charlie Hunnam could possibly be BORING? Well, according to him, he’s a bore-fest. “I don’t’ really know what anybody thinks about me or what they’d be surprised to know,” he said when asked what people would be surprised to learn about him. “Probably just how boring I am!”

And Finally, He’s Not Afraid To Cry

Jax Teller is a crier?? Apparently so. “I’m a big crier,” he told Buzzfeed. “I’m not afraid to have a big cry-up. The last time I can remember really inconsolably crying was when I went and saw Lion, the film. It’s a bit of a weepy one.” It’s actually really refreshing to hear that Hunnam isn’t afraid to let loose and have a good cry.

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