Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders star Sam Claflin promises “very, very juicy” season six

The actor who plays real-life 𝘧αs𝘤ist politi𝘤iαn Oswald Mosley teases what's to come

Peaky Blinders is still unscheduled in our coronavirus-ravaged year, but when season six does eventually go into production star Sam Claflin promises “very, very, very juicy” storylines.

The actor – currently on screen in Netflix movie Enola Holmes – plays the real-life 𝘧αs𝘤ist politi𝘤iαn Oswald Mosley and admitted he didn’t know who the leader of the eventually outlawed British Union of 𝘧αs𝘤ist was before he was cast. But he was reassured to know that as a real person, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight wasn’t going to write him out in the (failed) αssαssinαtion attempt in season five finale.

Claflin told Ladbible: “The best thing about getting involved as Mosley is that we know the history of him – so I knew that I’d survive! He lived a long life, so I felt protected.

“He’s a very rich character with a lot to play with. I’d never heard of him before the job, but after doing a bit or researching about who this man was, it was eye-opening. So knowing what’s to come in his real-life journey – it’s exciting to know he’s still in the Peaky Blinders world.”

Peaky Blinders star Sam Claflin promises "very, very juicy" season six -  Radio Times

Claflin couldn’t talk about specific storylines, but said: “I have seen scripts and they’re very, very, very juicy. I know they’re keen to get up and running as soon as it’s safe. It’s something I’m very keen to get back to.

“There’s nothing concrete in the diary yet, but I’m chomping at the bit to get back to it because of where we left it and where I know it’s going.”

As Shelby tried to expand his criminal empire by becoming an MP he butted heads with the very experienced but twisted politi𝘤iαn Mosley. Was the rivalry going to be equally as intense in the new season?

Expect a Very Juicy Season Six of Peaky Blinders, Says Sam Claflin

“It all depends on Shelby really,” said Claflin. “In series five, he went from being a big fish in a small pond to being in the ocean. Seeing how little power he actually has in amongst the real power, against someone like Mosley, who was born into that world. Shelby was out of his league and it was really exciting to watch, so you can expect there to be more of the same.”

Knight said production on Peaky Blinders wouldn’t start until they could ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

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