Twilight: The 10 Best Couples & Their Most Iconic Scene Together

Bella and Edward are not the only couples that fill the story of Twilight. There are many more and some even more supportive than the last.

Twilight took the world by storm when Stephenie Meyer wrote her first book. Following the love story of human Bella and vampire Edward, Twilight may be about supernatural battles, but it’s really about a love triangle in the end. And even though Bella and Edward are at the center of the story, they are not the only couple that makes an appearance.

Many couples are involved in the story of Twilight. Edward is part of a family of vampires that seem to be comprised only of couples, and he is the last one to be matched up. But as the stories progress, the couples do not stop there. There are many supportive relationships in the span of Twilight that fans consider meaningful.

10. Alice And Jasper

Alice and Jasper are relationship goals in every sense of the word. The book series goes more into how they first met. In fact, an unpopular opinion about Jasper is that his relationship with Alice had no foundation. But even so, the movies create a true connection between the two characters. Jasper is solemn and moody while Alice is bright and outgoing.

While they have different personalities, they are one of the most supportive relationships in the series. Bella sees this in particular when Alice and Jasper escort her to Phoenix. The tracker, James, is on their tail and Alice and Jasper are tasked with keeping her safe. Bella watches as Alice suffers from her visions while Jasper supports her. He holds her hand and helps her bring her visions out. Jasper understands emotion better than anyone. He is the perfect person to support Alice as she struggles to make sense of the future

9. Carlisle And Esme

Though Esme does not speak much during the films, her connection with Carlisle is clear. Carlisle and Esme are the most compassionate people in Forks. Esme is specifically delighted when Edward finally brings a girl home. She goes above and beyond to be the mother figure to her and Carlisle’s adopted vampire children. But it is the relationship between these two characters that are the most romantic.

The beginning of Carlisle and Esme’s relationship is the most memorable. Carlisle finds Esme after she attempted to take her life when her child ɗ𝔦ᥱd. Esme was not the first vampire he made, but she is arguably the closest to his heart. Esme’s heart kept beating and Carlisle couldn’t bear to let her ɗ𝔦ᥱ. After he changed her, they were together forever.10 SecBehind The Scenes Of Harry Potter Actors Last Day On Set

8. Sam And Emily

Bella doesn’t spend a lot of time with Emily. But the time she does spend with her is filled with warmth and caring. Bella calls Emily the wolf girl, which isn’t far from the truth. Bella meets Emily who is already engaged to Sam, the leader of Jacob’s pack.

Emily is covered in scars because of one moment when Emily was standing too close when Sam turned into a wolf. Bella witnesses Sam treat Emily with the utmost care. He immediately kisses the scars on Emily’s face, proving to her that he cares about her the most and would never hurt her again.

7. Rosalie And Emmett

Emmett’s story isn’t touched on very often. Although he is one of the strongest vampires in the Twilight universe, he is a supportive figure in Rosalie’s story. Rosalie had become a vampire unwillingly. But when she met Emmett, she couldn’t help herself. Emmett had been mauled by a bear and Rosalie rushed to get him to Carlisle to change him.

The most touching moment is when Rosalie tells Bella the story of how she was turned. Rosalie had turned hopeless because she had become a monster. That only changed when she met Emmett. Emmett is her salvation and supports her, especially when the family is against her.

6. Angela And Eric

Angela and Eric are one of the only human couples that are portrayed in Twilight. Once Bella graduates from high school, she immediately has no interest in keeping up with her old friends. But her friendship with Angela was her most profound one. Angela speaks bravely about gender role reversal when trying to pursue Eric.

The best part of Angela’s story is when she gets up the courage to ask Eric out herself. Eric was consumed with the yearbook and seemed to have little interest in Angela. But once Angela asks him out they end up at prom together. This is a heartening story about facing fears.

5. Kate And Garrett

Kate and Garrett’s story exemplifies what it is like to make sacrifices in a relationship. At first glance, these two vampires seem as though they do not share ideals. Kate is part of the Denali clan of vampires. They are the only coven besides the Cullens wꜧo do not 𝘧ᥱᥱd on ꜧߎmαn ᑲl00d. Garrett is a nomad. He has no coven and freely feeds on humans.

But once they meet, all of that changes. Garrett decides that Kate is the one for him. When they face off against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn Part 2, Garrett promises Kate that he will follow her anywhere. Tꜧoߎgꜧ ꜧᥱ wαs ߎsᥱd to 𝘧ᥱᥱding on ꜧߎmαn ᑲl00d, ꜧᥱ dᥱ𝘤idᥱs to givᥱ it ߎp 𝘧or ꜧᥱr.

4. Charlie And Sue

Charlie and Sue do not have a whirlwind courtship. Sue is the widowed wife of Charlie’s friend Harry Clearwater. She also happens to be the mother of two werewolves, Leah and Seth. Bella puts it best in the books when she says that the father of a vampire and the mother of werewolves find each other.

Charlie prefers to be in the dark about the supernatural, but he still enjoys his relationship with Sue who knows about her wolf children. The melding of these two houses is the most touching when it comes to the holidays. Charlie and Sue share their relationship with their respective families. They hold the holidays at Charlie’s house. Seth, Jacob, and even Leah allow being in the same house with vampires because of this relationship.

3. Irina And Laurent

Irina and Laurent do not share any scenes, but the consequences of their relationship affect the entire plot of Breaking Dawn Part 2, considered one of the worst films in the Twilight franchise. After James decides to make Bella his prey, Laurent decides to join the Denali clan and try their ɗ𝔦ᥱt of animal bl00d. There he meets Irina and forms an attachment.

In the meantime, he makes a trip to Forks. Jacob’s pack of werewolves find him there and destroy him when he attempts to ƙ-𝔦ℓℓ Bella. Because Irina loved him, she cannot let this go. She knows that werewolves ƙ𝔦-ℓ-ℓ-ed her lover.. She holds a grudge against the wolves. And when she thinks she sees an Immortal Child, she tells the Volturi of what she witnessed. She stays true to the relationship, even after Laurent has ɗ𝔦ᥱd.

2. Eleazar And Carmen

Eleazar and Carmen are introduced in Breaking Dawn Part 1, at Bella and Edward’s wedding. They are some of the only vampires in attendance, including the Denali clan. While Irina makes it clear she does not support werewolves in attendance, Eleazar and Carmen are more than welcoming to Bella.

But even more important, they are the first ones that Bella and Edward implore to witness their daughter. The Denali clan is hesitant because their mother was ƙ𝔦ℓℓed due to an Immortal Child. But Eleazar and Carmen are the ones who have an open mind and are the first to accept Renesmee, incidentally a name in Twilight that did not age well.

1. Bella And Edward

The Twilight franchise is contingent on the relationship between Bella and Edward. When Bella first moves to Forks, the townspeople are fascinated by how different she is. But it is only Edward with who she can find a kindred spirit. This goes both ways when Bella discovers what Edward truly is.

There are many moments for this couple that are translatable. But nothing beats the moment in the forest when Bella confronts Edward about his true nature. Only Bella was smart enough to research and discover the truth about him. Bella is sure that she knows what he is but Edward makes her say it. “Out loud,” he says. “Vampire,” she responds. It is the moment where they are finally out in the open together.

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