Twilight: 5 Reasons Alice is the Best Cullen (& 5 Why It’s Carlisle)

While fans love all of the Cullens, Alice and Carlisle have been fan-favorites since the series was first came out. Here's how they compare.

While Edward Cullen might be the main vampire character from Twilight, many of his family members really stole the limelight. Edward might have been compelling at times as Bella’s main love interest, but his personality wasn’t as great as some of the other Cullens.

While fans love all of the Cullens, Alice and Carlisle really have been fan-favorites since the series first came out. Here are the reasons why they both deserve the spot as the best Cullen family member.

10. Carlisle: He Made People Feel Safe

While Carlisle might have been a vampire with years of wisdom and experience, he made others feel really comfortable and safe.

While vampires could be off-putting to humans in some ways because they look unnatural, Carlisle had such a warm personality that he was able to come off as more friendly and less scary than the rest of them.

9. Alice: She Was Fun And Outgoing

Most of the other vampire characters that are introduced in the series can be rather uptight and quiet. While they are all unique, most of them are more reserved. This makes sense given that they have to hide their identities from humans.

However, Alice wasn’t like this. She stood out because she had such a vivacious personality. She was also kind of eccentric and odd, but this was part of her appeal.

8. Carlisle: He Was Forgiving Of Other People’s Flaws

Carlisle definitely had a really comforting presence, and he overall was just a good person. He was understanding of people’s flaws and past mistakes, and he was always willing to forgive people once they tried to do better.

Whether it was Edward having his rebellious years or being kind to the shapeshifters, he was very kind to everyone.

7. Alice: She Was Really Powerful

While not all of the vampires in the series have extra power, many of them did. But, Alice had one of the best and strongest extra powers of them all. Her ability to read the future made her really valuable.

This is why Volturi wanted her to join them so badly. Luckily, Alice was a good person who used this amazing ability to good use.

6. Carlisle: He Welcomed Bella And Others Into His Family

While most vampires try to stay away from humans because they can’t be identified as vampires, Carlisle didn’t treat humans as totally different from vampires. He was willing to accept Bella into the family right away.

He and Esme were welcoming to Bella and pretty much anyone else who walked through their doors.

5. Alice: She Was Instrumental In Protecting Others

Alice was really instrumental to the plot at many moments because she was able to see the future and see how different decisions would impact the future.

But, one of the best things about her was how she was always doing everything she could to protect others. This was especially true when she set everything up in Breaking Dawn.

4. Carlisle: He’s Naturally Compassionate And Caring

Carlisle is a very easy character to like. He’s very compassionate, and his entire life is devoted to helping and healing others.

While not all doctors are automatically super giving and generous, Carlisle definitely was. He was a true healer, and he had the strength and compassion to be able to be a doctor even as a vampire. He was barely even impacted by the smell of human bl00d.

3. Alice: She Had The Most Personality And Style

Alice was just really likable because she had such a great personality. She had a more unique style and way of going about the world. She was kind of fairy-like in some ways, and she did care about others.

She also loved things like parties and dressing up, and she just wanted to have fun with those she cared about. Fans, and others in the series, loved her uniqueness.

2. Carlisle: He Was The One That Taught Them How To Not ƙ𝔦ℓℓ Humans

Carlisle is one of the best characters in the series because he was the one who decided that he wouldn’t drink human bl00d, and then he taught other vampires about his way.

He was extremely kind and didn’t want to hurt other people. His philosophy on life was positive and selfless, and he also provided a home to those who needed one, like Alice and Jasper. Carlisle was probably the most compassionate vampire in the series, and he also had the most self-control.

1. Alice: Because She Really Loved Bella And Treated Her Well

One of the best things about Alice is that she’s such a good friend to Bella. She and Bella have their own close relationship as friends and sisters, and it’s easy to see that Alice does truly care about Bella.

She also cares about everyone else in her family, but she was welcoming to Bella from the start and made things easier for her when she was first getting used to being around the Cullens.

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